All About Jewelry And Diamonds

Have you found your one and only?

It should be one of the most beautiful moments of your life when you decide she is the love of your life and you want to become your wife. You want her to fall in love with the ring you buy her too.

Choosing the perfect ring:

Before you start looking, think about the amount of money that you have to spend. It is important to match the ring to your budget.

Before searching for the ring, let's start with some information about the 4Cs:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat

Each of the parameters influences and adds to the overall appearance of the stone. You'll learn what's important to you and where you want to compromise, so you can adjust the ring to your budget.

Her Taste…
What does she wear, classic or modern? Which precious metals does she like: white or yellow? Or maybe rose?
Gentle or crazy? Ornate? Was she excited about someone else's ring. Write down all these thoughts because you will want her to wear the ring every day of your lives together.
You need to remember before choosing and thinking what she will love. If you buy something that suits what she already loves, then you cannot go wrong!

Do you know the size of the ring?
You can take one of her rings, put a piece of paper into the inner circle and mark a size or put it in one of your fingers and draw a line up where it enters. Professionals can then estimate the correct size.

Types of diamonds
If she likes a traditional stone, then go for round. If she likes something more special, then a cushion or pear shape. Unusual taste? Then a marquise or triangle shape.
Please remember! The cut of the diamond influences the level of clarity in the stone.

What is her area of work?
If she is very active, then a design that suits her style of life is called for. It needs to be convenient to put on day after day.
Remember, there are countless options for designing a ring for her. Buy her a ring that she will love and want to put on every day.
This traditional design features a stone in the center, and is the most popular style of engagement ring. There are options for four prongs, and even six, to hold the diamond and protect it.

A single centerstone with smaller diamonds or gemstones around it.

Three stones
Usually three diamonds of the same size and shape with a central diamond.

A large central stone feeling
The stone is surrounded by tiny gemstones in pave setting, usually diamonds, adding sparkle and giving the appearance of a larger central stone.

Decide on the type of metal
White, yellow, rose... All of these will have an impact on the color of the diamond. After you have chosen the diamond, check the reflection of the stone on the metals.

Find a jeweler / shop to purchase the diamond
Here too, you have to choose well, with a jeweler who understands diamonds, including the 4C's, and will help to find the perfect ring according to your budget.
This should be someone with the professional training of a qualified gemologist. Or a jeweler who sells his diamond jewelry with legitimate gemological certificates, such as those provided by the IGL network.
Buying a diamond is actually a powerful expression of emotion towards someone else and a desire to show true love and great appreciation for the person who is receiving the gift.
When buying a valuable item, there is a need for a sense of security and trust that you have bought an original and real product.

When you really love, you want to give the very best that there is.
With IGL – you can be sure you bought and presented the very best there is.

You demand the best there is.
First of all from yourself.
You always knew what you were searching for.
You always know exactly what you want.
But when you met her, you know she was more than what you even dreamed of.
Now you are sure of it. The strong internal voice that tells you that she is the real thing!
She's the one!
When you went to choose a diamond for her, you knew that you wouldn't compromise.
Just like hundreds of thousands of people around the world already know.
IGL – an international authorized laboratory for the grading of diamonds – reliable, experienced and with passion working with the most advanced technology in the world and strict checking procedures regarding each and every diamond.
When you have a diamond with an IGL certificate, you know you have chosen the best that there is.

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