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Our specially constructed Gemology course provides students with a thorough professional understanding of the sorting and evaluation of diamonds. Students receive extensive theoretical knowledge while the practical part of the course gives a hands-on approach to sorting and evaluating diamonds accurately, quickly and professionally.

Sorting is done according to four criteria generally accepted in the international diamond trade established by the Gemological Institute of America - GIA - the 4C's: carat (weight) clarity (cleanliness), color, and cut.

The course takes place in our new and spacious classrooms in the Israel Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan.

The classrooms are equipped with advanced equipment.

This equipment includes:  gemological microscopes, day light fluorescent lamps, fluorescent devices, computers, micrometers, equipment for identifying different treatments and diamond substitutes, identification equipment, 120 diamonds used in class work and much more.

Content of the Course

  1.  Diamonds - introduction and general background
  2.  Elements of round diamonds
  3.  Diamond weight
  4.  Diamond clarity
  5.  Diamond color 
  6.  Diamond proportions
  7.  Finish - surface symmetry 
  8.  Growth 
  9.  Fluorescence
  10.  Understanding and analysing gemological certificates to perfection
  11.  The methods of diagnosis of internal and external defects and dirt on diamonds
  12.  Diamond Fantasy - practical + 13 theoretical filling Gltzim diamond treatment
  13.  Special colors - natural + staining process artificially diamonds
  14.  HPHT treatments 
  15.  Knowing diamond substitutes
  16. Understanding the Rapaport Price List
  17.  Diamond trade practices
  18.  Final test
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