Report: GIA Recalls Diamonds over Treatment Query

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Report: GIA Recalls Diamonds over Treatment Query

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has asked customers to return a number of colored-diamond grading reports after suspecting that a treatment might have gone unnoticed.

The GIA will reassess certain diamonds with “green or greenish” in the color grade, a spokesperson told Rapaport News last week. The recall of the diamonds applies to reports it issued between January and June 2020. The GIA declined to reveal how many stones were affected or to provide their report numbers.

“Recent research and investigation into potential treatment methods caused us to request the return of the subject diamonds for further analysis,” the spokesperson said.

The institute informed customers about the issue around six weeks ago, and is reportedly in the process of collecting and reevaluating the diamonds. Some stones could get an “undetermined” ruling, while others may require further testing, the spokesperson explained.

Many diamonds had already come back with their natural-color statuses confirmed, market sources said. The GIA bases its conclusions on the “state of knowledge and criteria in place at the date of examination,” it added.

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