Gemology course gives its students a wide and in-depth knowledge regarding the identification of crystal diamond in the rough .

Students receive training in sorting , planning and scoring , and evaluation of rough diamonds .

During the course, the student will receive guidance and personal at all stages of diagnosis and planning of rough diamonds and the ultimate aim is to impart knowledge in planning that includes the most profitable aspects of cleaning , paint and final yield of raw .

Content of Course

  1.  Sources of raw-diamond formation, methods of production, De Beers, the international market, the Israeli Diamond Exchange trading.
  2.  Foundations of Crystallography.
  3.  Diagnosis of quality, cleanliness, value, color diamond in the rough, raw-material marketing decorative and industrial.
  4.  Understanding diamond in the rough and sorting lumber, sawing and industry.
  5.  Understanding diamond in the rough toward sawing, grinding or cleaving including a score.
  6.  Treatments Bihlom- cooking and boiling improvement.
  7.  Work and diagnostic software with Sarine.
  8.  Raw classification includes Box syndicate.
  9.  Diagnosis ideal proportions by more- advanced equipment, Sarine, Lupe and Gage.
  10. Market-valuation assessment of diamond value by scoring and determining the final price in the international market recognition + Rapaport price list.
  11.  Final test

Target Group

Diamond traders Diamond experts, appraisers, graders Jewellers, designers Sales managers, owners, buyers and job seekers in the diamond sector Diamond and jewellery-lovers

Terms of receiving certificate

Provide basic knowledge in the field of raw materials and acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical experience plus extensive preliminary practice . Practical work with serine software , certification of student identification color diamond in the rough aspect and cleanliness Also , assessment of market equilibrium in international trade.

Course Hours

Twice a week from 9:00 to 13:00 for two months or Once a week from 14:00 to 18:00 for 3.5 months.

Registration for the course is subject to the regulations
Language Location Price Coruse ID Note
Hebrew Ramat Gan 14,000.00 ₪ GRD00001 Register
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