What To Look For In A Jewelry Company Before Buying

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What To Look For In A Jewelry Company Before Buying

Buying a piece of diamond jewelry is one of the biggest outlays that most people will make.
And that's the reason that you should be careful and diligent in doing your homework in deciding where to buy.

What are the main points you should look for?
Here are the most important ones:

Lifetime Warranty
The seller must be committed to guaranteeing the quality of your jewelry; do they guarantee that everything they sell is free from manufacturing flaws at the time of delivery. A jeweler that commits to repairing and maintaining your jewelry for a lifetime is worth his weight in gold.
The seller needs to guarantee that the jewelry is made using the highest quality materials and carefully quality control inspected before being shipped. Some sellers offer a lifetime warranty for free prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating and services.

Financing options
Not every buyer has thousands of dollars on hand for the jewelry purchase.
Check which jewelers offer financing plans – but also ensure that that the plan is worthwhile for you.

Free Global Shipping
This has become fairly standard over the past decade, especially due to the proliferation of Internet purchases. Some companies may require a minimum of amount in order for the item to be eligible for free shipping.

Jewelry Insurance
Some jewelers have tie-ups with insurance firms, meaning you can buy and insure in one easy transaction.
Many buyers, however, will want to check the cost with prices they can receive elsewhere.

One Year Free Resizing
The seller pledges to resize your ring once for free within the first year of your purchase. This includes free return shipping within the U.S. and Canada for the first resize, while customers elsewhere may pay a small return shipping fee.

Free Engraving
A popular additional option for some customers, with an engraved message on the inside of an engagement or wedding ring, for example.
It has become fairly standard for this to be offered for free. As you near the end of the purchasing process online, check to see if this option is being offered.

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